Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe


Since 1999, Hoog Holten is a member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE).
JRE is an association of young restaurateurs. They have in common that they want to share their talent and passion for the profession with each other.
In total there are over 350 JRE restaurants in Europe, spread over 11 countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland. In 2008 Australia also joined the association.


JRE chefs combine a high quality culinary craftsmanship with passion for the European gastronomy and respect for local traditions and produce. More than anybody else they are well versed in innovative and inventive cooking without losing sight of the culinary inheritance. In addition, the JRE restaurants stand out for their location, interior, setting and service.

For more information please go to the JRE website.