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Jeu­nes Res­tau­ra­teurs d’Europe


Sin­ce 1999, Hoog Hol­ten is a mem­ber of Jeu­nes Res­tau­ra­teurs d’Europe (JRE).
JRE is an asso­ci­a­ti­on of young res­tau­ra­teurs. They have in com­mon that they want to sha­re their talent and pas­si­on for the pro­fes­si­on with each other.
In total the­re are over 350 JRE res­tau­rants in Euro­pe, spread over 11 coun­tries: Bel­gi­um, Ger­ma­ny, Fran­ce, Ita­ly, Cro­a­tia, Luxem­burg, the Nether­lands, Austria, Slo­ve­nia, Spain and Swit­zer­land. In 2008 Austra­lia also joi­ned the association.


JRE chefs com­bi­ne a high qua­li­ty culi­na­ry crafts­mans­hip with pas­si­on for the Euro­pean gas­tro­no­my and res­pect for local tra­di­ti­ons and pro­du­ce. More than any­bo­dy else they are well ver­sed in inno­va­ti­ve and inven­ti­ve coo­king wit­hout los­ing sight of the culi­na­ry inheri­tan­ce. In addi­ti­on, the JRE res­tau­rants stand out for their loca­ti­on, inte­ri­or, set­ting and service.

For more infor­ma­ti­on plea­se go to the JRE web­si­te.