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Local Attrac­ti­ons


Spring, sum­mer, autumn or win­ter: the forest is well worth a visit wha­te­ver sea­son. Green bud­ding lea­ves in the spring, an explo­si­on of pur­ple moors in the sum­mer, beau­ti­ful autumn colours and tran­quil win­ter splen­dour. Hoog Hol­ten bor­ders the Pie­ter­pad, a long dis­tan­ce wal­king rou­te. Other walks or bike trails start just at the front door. We will pre­pa­re a pic­nic bas­ket with deli­cious food to take along.

At wal­king distance:

Natuurmuseum Holterberg (2)

Natuur­mu­se­um Holterberg

At just 1 km (0.6 mi) wal­king dis­tan­ce from Hoog Hol­ten you will find Natuur­di­o­ra­ma Hol­ter­berg.

Natuur­di­o­ra­ma Hol­ter­berg is a natu­re muse­um and has one of the lar­gest col­lec­ti­ons of Euro­pean ani­mal spe­cies in the Nether­lands. It has more than 500 ani­mals on dis­play ran­ging from the lar­gest song­bird in the Nether­lands to Europe’s only mon­key. Natuur­di­o­ra­ma Hol­ter­berg has 11 huge dio­ra­mas which hou­ses many of the animals.

Canadese begraafplaats - Holterberg

Cana­di­an War Cemetry

The Hol­ten Cana­di­an War Ceme­tery is one of the most impres­si­ve com­me­mo­ra­ti­ve sites of World War II in this area. The ceme­tery is still Cana­di­an ter­ri­to­ry. The infor­ma­ti­on cen­tre that ope­ned its doors in 2011, gives visi­tors an impres­si­on of the libe­ra­ti­on of the Eas­tern Nether­lands by Cana­di­an troops, through writ­ten infor­ma­ti­on, pho­to­graphs, per­so­nal sto­ries and audio-visu­al pre­sen­ta­ti­ons. Each of the 1,400 gra­ves on the field of honour has a sto­ry to tell.

The infor­ma­ti­on cen­tre tells the sto­ry behind the field of honour through gene­ral his­to­ri­cal impres­si­ons, per­so­nal anec­do­tes, etc. Free entrance. 

Huifkartocht Holterberg

Hor­se and car­ria­ge tours

A beau­ti­ful tour through the forest and moors, hills and val­leys, flo­ra and fau­na of the Holterberg.

Midgetgolf - Holterberg

Mini­a­tu­re golf

At just 1 km (0.6 mi) wal­king dis­tan­ce from Hoog Hol­ten you will find Bui­ten­ge­woon Hol­ten. The­se mag­ni­fi­cent mini­a­tu­re golf cour­ses are situ­a­ted on the edge of De Sal­land­se Heu­vel­rug Nati­o­nal Park. Tru­ly a uni­que loca­ti­on to enjoy a spor­ty day among nature.

Wandelen - Holterberg


Gui­ded walks with a forester.
Natu­re Walk or Folk Tale Walk.
Pri­ce on request.


Kloot­schie­ten (Ball shooting)

Acti­vi­ty on your own. We will pro­vi­de you with the klo­ten (balls), a wal­king rou­te and the rules of the game.
Fee: € 2.00 per person.

Fietshuur Hoog Holten


We have bikes and moun­tain bikes for rent. Rates: bikes € 12,00 per day and moun­tain bikes (hel­met inclu­ded) € 24,50 per day. At the recep­ti­on desk you will find various trails.

If you wish to take part in a gui­ded moun­tain bike tour, you can con­tact MBT Cli­nic. They tai­lor length and gra­de of dif­fi­cul­ty accor­ding to the wis­hes of the participants.

Geocoaching - Holterberg


Go tre­a­su­re hun­ting at the Hol­ter­berg with the use of GPS devi­ces. By per­for­ming tas­ks with the use of GPS, the wal­king rou­te will be revealed.

Toektoek (1)

Elec­tric Toek Toek

Do you want to enjoy the fresh wind and hear the sounds of the bir­ds and ani­mals in the area whi­le driving?
Then with the ren­tal of the Toek you will be able to dis­co­ver it for yourself.
3 hours from € 47,50.

More near­by attractions:

The cities Deven­ter en Zut­phen.
Various golf cour­ses, for instan­ce Wier­den, Lochem, Die­pen­veen en Enschede.
Seve­r­al cast­les and cast­le gar­dens such as Kas­teel Ver­wol­de in Laren Gld. You can visit the inte­ri­or of this castle.
For more infor­ma­ti­on on the area, plea­se con­tact: Toe­ris­me Rijs­sen-Hol­ten.

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